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DSA Inspection Resource has been designed as a one-stop source for California school inspection information. The site was created by DSA inspectors with a history of promoting education through access to information. Other than being DSA certified Class 1 inspectors, we are not affiliated in anyway with the Division of the State Architect (DSA) or the State of California. Inspection firms should consider the site as a contact source for DSA inspectors as well as an educational and reference resource. Clients such as Districts, Community Colleges, or CM firms can use the site to connect with inspection firms and independent DSA inspectors providing DSA inspection services. Clients seeking DSA inspectors can review the Inspector's Bulletin Board as well as post project and contact information on the Client's Bulletin Board. Individual Inspectors that will be available for work, either directly with school districts or through established inspection firms, can post their contact information on the Inspector's Bulletin Board.  The bulletin board also provides inspector's an opportunity to tell prospective clients about their work experience. DSA Inspectors are encouraged to use the Ask Inspector Bob page to ask questions or comment on DSA related subjects. Inspector Bob will do his best to provide you with an answer. You can use any name you choose and there is no sign-up or request for personal information. Whether you're an established inspector or you're wondering how to become an inspector, we'll do our best to provide you with good links and solid information.