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  1. I am currently working one a new CMU building and we are installing 3/4″ anchor bolts to attach ledgers for the roof framing. Everyone agreed that DSA requires 1″ clear grout all around the anchor but the 2013 code now calls for only 1/2″ (2104A.5.1). No-one seems to know where the original 1″ requirement came from even though its been used for yesrs. As best we can figure it must have been in an old IR that has since been deleted. Could you clear up this question as to where did the 1″ requirement come from?

  2. Is a DSA Inspector of Record acting as a School District’s Project Manager required to have a CSLB license? And if so, if the work requires an A license, would the DSA Inspector be required to have this license as well? Do DSA Inspection companies have to be DIR Registered?

  3. What are the welder qualification required to weld 1/2″ all-thread to top of wf steel beams. is that a prequalified joint?,

  4. What are the welders qualification to weld all-thread to top of WF steel beams. is there any special test for that type of welds?

  5. Regarding precast fabricator inspection: if the precast plant is an ICC approved fabricator, is plant inspection still required for precast piles? Please provide code source.

  6. Do you know where in the code or ASTM standards or in the ESR reports that states a “Certified Torque Wrench” must be used for torque testing evaluation of post installed anchors?

    I’m trying to find this “Certified Torque Wrench” requirement in writing somewhere.

  7. Some school districts want G. L. insurance instead of E and O. The insurance companies I checked with only want to give GL coverage to home inspectors. Do you have some sources for school inspectors GL?
    Mostly a one man inspection company

  8. I have been asked to provide Inspection Services on installation of “Big Ass Fans” in a High School Gym. The Owner and Architect want to do this without DSA involvement and have me sign a DSA Form 999 at the end of the project. DSA IR A-10 requires the 999 form be signed as part of alteration or reconstruction processes. Within IR A-10 it states a Structural Engineer and Design Professional shall each submit letters to DSA stating this basically does not affect Structural, Access or Fire & Life Safety. My question concern is this.. The Architect believes the DSA Form 999 does not have to be tied to the IR A-10 process. He believes I can sign the 999 form without having the Engineer and Architect submitting letters to DSA per IR A-10. The Architects understanding is that adding the Fans is a supplement to the swamp coolers. What is your knowledge on this?

  9. Thank you Bob. I found your archives….. I understand about Software OUT-dates. Operating Systems too!
    inspector Steve.

  10. Inspector Bob I am having a difficult time adjusting to your newly designed website I used to be able to glean your site and learn from years of previously posted comments Is there access to the previous website thankyou for your work it keeps us sharp
    Inspector Steve

  11. What are the pressure requirements for testing newly installed fire sprinkler piping in a school?

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